The following is a translation of Venstre’s election program for Gentofte 2017. The translation has been performed by Henrik Thormod Andersen (#6 on the Venstre list)


Students in Gentoftes public schools are doing well. Gentofte municipality is top ranking with respect to academic results and the number of students that enlist for further education.

The wellbeing is above national average. However, even a good school can be better. Too many young people leave the school with uncertainty. The shift to next educational level is done with hesitation. The programs for leaving school do not work as intended – it must be done better. Students must be supervised better, and they need better counseling when they choose their next educational pathway.

There is an increasing number of students that attend private school. This is not considered a problem as this is an individual choice. However, public schools must improve so it lives up to the students’ expectations of gaining learning. The public schools must use the student’s strong resources and there is a need for initiatives that maintain motivation and learning desire.

Venstre in Gentofte believes that the initiative regarding developing a new public school is the right way to go in order to increase the motivation among the students. All students must be ensured sufficient guidance in their choice of education. The goal is clear: all young people must gain skills that enables them to face the challenges and opportunities of the future.

The young people must be stimulated by top motivated teachers ensured by continuous training and the opportunity to teach primarily in their major course. This ensures a high degree of specialty and a professional role model for the students.

The public schools must have strong and highly skilled leaders. Leadership is crucial for a well-functioning school. The leaders must have the opportunity for continuous training and the same must also apply for the teachers. Venstre in Gentofte believes that one school district in Gentofte municipality works very well and shall remain so.

School lunches is a forever ongoing theme of how we get students to eat healthy and with variety? Venstre in Gentofte wants a pilot project like “Gardens to stomachs” where students are responsible for the food from the soil to the table.

More volunteer involvement

Gentofte must be an innovative municipality. We have reconsidered the political setup and decided a new procedure for political development. Venstre has strongly participated in this work. The citizens are included and invited to define and develop political solutions. Politics are no longer between politicians but between politicians and citizens. Both tough welfare challenges and principal politics are included in the new procedure.

Venstre in Gentofte believes that this new way of working must continue and expand. Our local community is very much founded on volunteer work and cooperation. When more welfare is wanted for the same amount of resources it requires new ways of thinking.


- Daycare boards must have the right to decide whether kids are required to be vaccinated to enlist. - Teachers should teach in their major course

- School leaders must have or ensured the development of good leadership competences – they shall be offered relevant and progressive sparring within leadership.
- The late years in public school must go through a service check – we support the idea of a new school program for the last years.

-” Gardens to stomachs” is a pilot project where students are responsible for the food from soil to table. - The political work which include citizens must continue and shall expand.


Venstre in Gentofte wants to freeze the tax level. We want to actively participate in the debate about countervailing between municipalities. It is this issue that contains the best opportunities to improve the economy in Gentofte for the benefit of our citizens.

With respect to the businesses we want “dækningsafgiften” to be stepwise phased out. Gentofte is first and foremost a residential municipality, but business activity – welfare creators – are also most welcome.

In practice, Venstre in Gentofte will work for a one-point-of-entry for local municipality service where all business-related issues can be dealt with – fast.

Gentofte municipality is buying goods and services from private suppliers. Venstre in Gentofte wants the largest possible amount of goods and services are delivered by private enterprises in a transparent and fair competition. The aim must always be that the tax payers and users are provided with goods and services of the highest quality and lowest price.

There are many nationalities in Gentofte who contributes to the community – more than in other local communities. Gentofte municipality must be a local community with an outlook where citizens – who only have English language capabilities – in no circumstances may experience limitations in the daily life.


- We want to actively and constructively to participate in the debate about countervailing between municipalities.
- One-point-of-entry service for private enterprises.
- All information to the citizens should be available in both Danish and English.


It must be safe to live in Gentofte municipality. In practice, focus must be directed towards the immediate environment, neighborhood watch and responsibility. Safe traffic around the schools is a must. Venstre in Gentofte will look into if there is a need for further precautions to be made for the children in the traffic.

Venstre in Gentofte wants to put more quality into elderly care. Gentoftes elderly citizens shall feel that they live in a well-managed municipality which can provide a little bit extra quality. For us it is vital that elderly care is planned to be as effective as possible, so precious resources are not wasted. Improvements within the elderly care requires that the management continues to improve. Venstre in Gentofte wants

more freedom in the elderly care so activities beyond cleaning can be outsourced. There must be more and better opportunities for food services to our elderly citizens and they must be provided with better information of the available services.
Healthy citizens are good for themselves and the local community. Venstre believes that volunteer work must be the bearing principle. Each individual is responsible for their own health; however, the municipality also play an important part as the amount of work from other government institutions are expected to increase in the future.

Venstre in Gentofte wants to put focus on the health of the citizens. For example, it must be easier to book facilities in the sports arenas and the municipality should provide better opportunities for rehabilitation so injured citizens faster can be on track again. Exercise in the open should be easy and available everywhere.

Gentofte is a beautiful municipality with great amenity. Venstre in Gentofte wants to secure this amenity for the future. There must be made an architectural policy that ensures renewal and at the same time conservation of the many protected buildings. Venstre wants the city to remain clean for which the maintenance of the streets and buildings owned by the municipality constantly improves.

The citizens must have a right for uniform and fast municipality service. This does also apply to building projects. Citizens who wants to build or reconstruct must have uniform, fast and transparent case management by the municipality.

There are many management tasks for the municipality and many of these tasks are very complicated and demands highly skilled expertise. This is also the case for technical areas such as environment and supplies. There has already been established a cooperation between several municipalities in the northern outskirts of greater Copenhagen. Gentofte has taken the lead together with Gladsaxe municipality and Venstre wants this form for cooperation to increase in the future.


- Traffic in the early hours around schools and central streets are to be evaluated - More freedom within elderly care, for example the use of food tickets
- Easier to book facilities in the sports arenas
- The municipality must provide better opportunities for rehabilitation

- New and innovative architectural policy that ensures renewal and conservation of the protected buildings - Uniform and transparent case management of construction projects


Gentofte shall take its part of the responsibility in order to maintain a balanced Denmark. This means among other things to take responsibility and take care of those who come to this country as refugees. Venstre in Gentofte supports the governments firm and fair foreigner policy and takes responsibility for a better distribution and integration of the refugees who end up in Gentofte.

The number of refugees vary from year to year, but the most important is that the citizens welcomes the refugees that comes to our community. Gentofte is constant challenged with respect to provide housing as the municipality is fully occupied. Venstre in Gentofte believes it is vital that we distribute refugees equally in our community, so we prevent the formation of ghetto areas.

Next step is a good integration. In order to be successful, we believe it is important that refugees become ready for jobs as fast as possible and enter the labor market so they can contribute to our community instead of receiving welfare benefits.

However, a job is not the only solution to a good integration. Sport clubs and other clubs is a cornerstone in a balanced Denmark. Venste believes that integration is also to take place through an active participation in club activities. Thus, Venstre in Gentofte will ensure a connection between the clubs in Gentofte and refugees.


- There must be a strong connection between club activities and refugees

- Children must be distributed fairly between schools (and classes) within a reasonable distance from home and with respect for the free choice of school.